Two Year Recap

It is hard to believe it, but Lenka and I have been in Slovakia for over two years now. When we were in America, and planning our missions here in Slovakia, we could never have guessed what would have happened over the past two years.

Over the past two years we have had many great and wonderful things happen, as well as failures and disappointments. We have had highs, and lows. We have had moments where we felt God was close, and moments where he seemed far away. However, He was always there, always loving and caring for us. 

Looking back to those moments before we left for Slovakia, and what we were expecting, and what our plans were, is humbling. When we came to Slovakia we had plans to work with the Slovak Baptist Union for two years as interns, and then “graduate” into full time ministry.

Our internship was set up so that we would be involved in a wide variety of ministries, everything from preaching and Bible study, to planning crazy games for youth camps. We were both excited and nervous as we boarded the train from Košice to Hurbanovo.

Some of the highlights from the first year were:

Getting on the train in Košice and as we came closer to Hurbanovo hearing more and more Hungarian, and thinking,“What have we got ourselves into?“.

My first sermon on Easter, and having to move out of our house the day before because of fleas

Summer camps, and all of the crazy games and fun times with amazing people

My first Christmas in Slovakia, and experencing all of the traditions

Attempting to preach in Slovak

Playing in the worship band

Precept Ministries conference in Romania

Baptist Union conferences in the High Tatras

English Camps

DEPO club, and many new friends

And much much more, which I could fill many pages with.

As I stated before, we were expecting to have a two year internship, and then “graduate“ as missionaries. However, as the result of some misunderstandings, we did not continue after the first year with the Slovak baptist Union.  You can read a more detailed account of what happened in some of my previous posts. I would rather leave that issue in the past, and just say that we learned from it. 

After one year in Hurbanovo, we moved back to Košice, where Lenka is from. We of course wanted to continue our missions here as well, but as missionaries for the Slovak Baptist Union we had everything ready for us, including where we would serve and what we would do. Here in Košice we were coming to a blank slate.

It has been a challenge over the past year as we have been trying to find what God wants us to do here. We have been thinking about what it means to be a missionary, and what that should look like here, and what is the greatest need here in Košice.

We have been involved in church here, preaching and singing in the worship band when asked, as well as leading Sunday School for kids.

We have also tried to start a group here in Košice, but so far it has not gone as planned. We are not giving up because of this, but are continuing to pray and search. 

Right now Lenka and I are both working in “secular“ jobs, but we also use this as a way to share our faith.

We are also excited to tell you that we are expecting our first baby, which will arrive around the middle of June. It will be a girl, and she will be called Savannah Grace!

We are very thankful and grateful for all of the support that you have given us over the past two years. You have been there for us in the good and bad, and we know that we can depend upon you. We are proud to represent you here, and count you as a part of our missions.

We ask you to pray for us, so that we would see what God would like for us to do here in Košice. We hope that our ties will continue to grow, and that we will be able to show more and more people here that God loves them, and died for them, and that all can come to Him to wash away their sins.

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3 Responses to Two Year Recap

  1. Michael Snow says:

    Blessings! A friend and his family are on mission in Albania. A local girl from here in the States is in Prague. My wife is from Romania [Transylvania] My home page is

  2. Jill Ward says:

    Delighted to hear a update about what’s going on and so happy about the baby! Will continue to pray for you and Lenka!

  3. Jean Cann says:

    Just now was able to read your latest blog. Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers as you face the wonderful adventure of becoming parents and also as you try to discern how God is leading you. Jean Cann

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