Update From Košice

Spring has finally arrived here in Slovakia! After a long winter, full of snow, we have warm temperatures. While I did enjoy winter, I am glad to be able to wear tshirts again. Along with the warm weather in Košice come the street restaurants on the Main Street, and all of the wonderful icecream. I actually found poppy seed and Kofola flavored icrecream yesterday. It was delicious!

Lenka is getting settled down into her job. She is still in training for now but will start with her regular working hours soon, which are 12 hour shifts. It will be hard since it is a long shift, but she will also have more days off, which is a good thing. She is working with various problems that come up in the system, so she is dealing with both people and computers. Please pray for her as she continues to learn and get used to her new job.

I have finally been able to find a job! I am working in a language school teaching English. All of my students are From IT companies, like where Lenka is working. I am really enjoying it so far. Everyone that I teach is really nice, and they want to learn. Right now I am working two days a week, but I hope to get a few more hours soon.

I am so thankful to God for helping me find this job. I know that He has amazing plans, and even though I have a “secular” job, I will still be able to show the light of Christ. Please pray for opportunities for me to share the Gospel, and that my students would be open to hearing it.

I have also found a Slovak teacher, and meet with her once a week. I am taking a free course, but those classes are more general. This new teacher will help me with grammar, which is very important. I see this as the most important step in my ministry here in Slovakia. I need to be able to speak Slovak to reach people here. Please pray that I would be able to do that.

Lenka and I are also meeting with the pastor to pray and see how we can best reach the people of Košice. We have to trust and listen to God for His guidance, to see where He opens doors, and leads us to ministry.

We are also searching for a long term ministry organization, so that we will be able to continue our ministry here. We have been praying and researching, and meeting with people. We know that God has an amazing plan for us, and we look forward to seeing what that will be.

Lenka and I are very grateful and blessed to have you praying for us and thinking about us while we are planning our ministry here in Košice. Last year when we arrived in Hurbanovo we were just able to jump right into ministry, since it was planned for us. Now we are starting fresh, and learning to trust God and His timing.

This Sunday evening I will be preaching here in Košice. Please pray that God would lead me and guide me as I prepare.

We hope that everyone is doing well at home. If you ever have any prayer concerns to share, we would love to be able to pray for you.













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5 Responses to Update From Košice

  1. Amy Shortt says:

    Dear Robert and Lenka,

    It was nice to read your blog. I am happy to
    Learn you are healthy and doing well.

    Spring has arrived here too. The blooms
    Are especially beautiful this year it seems.

    I’m sure you are looking forward to seeing
    Your folks this summer.

    Take care. We all love you and are praying for you.


  2. Susan Skinner says:

    Dear Robert and Lenka,
    It was so good to get your update. I am so glad that you are doing so well in your new jobs. With your positive attitudes and great love for God and each other, I know you will continue to reach others wherever you go. We certainly miss you at Lakeside! I know there are two smiling parents
    here that are counting down the days till they can be with you. Remember how special you are!
    We will continue to keep you in our prayers.
    Love to you both!
    Susan Skinner

  3. Jean Cann says:

    Dear Robert and Lenka,
    It was good to read your new blog….with your positive attitudes and looking, watching and praying for God’s leadership in your lives….you will have amazing experiences. It is an awesome experience to review your life in retrospect and see God’s hand leading you and preparing you for the next amazing opportunity! You are in my thoughts and prayers…I know your parents are very proud of you —- and grandparents, too….I just talked with them recently via phone.

    Grace, peace and love…..Jean Cann

  4. Pop and Gigi says:

    Dear Robert and Lenka , so glad to read your new blog. So glad that Lenks enjoys her new job and you are teaching English. We are so proud of you two and know that God will show you the way.
    I guess your parents told you that I am oxygen. Dr. gave me some new medicine and took away hoping that will help me get off the oxygen. I hope so. I am not in any pain but it is so confining.
    Keep me in your prayers and we do you. Someone is having a birthday on May 9th!! Wonder who?
    Love you both, Pop and Gigi

  5. Cathy and David Gardner says:

    Congratulations on your job, Robert. We are praying for you daily in your mission their and know that God will fulfill your hopes and dreams there. Please remember that all the steps you are taking will lead to the place He plans for your to be. His timing is always perfect. We are the ones who need patience! Take care and enjoy this time of growing in the area that you want to immerse your lives. Sounds like all things are heading in the proper directions to us.
    Love and best wishes of peace and comfort…Cathy and David Gardner

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