First Weeks in Košice

Lenka and I have been in Košice now for almost two weeks! It was hard to say goodbye to everyone from Hurbanovo and Nové Zámky, but we are glad to be back home. The first year here in Sovakia flew by, and a lot of great things happened, along with challenges, but God was always with us.

Things have been busy here. Lenka started her new job only a few days after we arrived here in Košice. It is tough, and she is having to learn a lot, but she is enjoying it. She has training now, so her hours are different than they will be when she finishes the training.

I have continued to look for a job, without any luck so far, but I still am confident that something will come around. I have also started taking some Slovak classes. They are twice a week, for an hour and a half. The best part is that they are free! Hopefully I will continue to build on what I know, and become more confident.

I also met with the pastor and assistant pastor from the church here in Košice. We talked about different ideas for missions and possibilities here in Košice. I am very excited about what will happen, and to see how we can work together with the church here. Please pray for us that we would be able to find our mission here in Košice.

Besides everything else we are still trying to get our things unpacked and moved in to our new home. One thing that is making it more complicated is that all of our clothes smell like smoke. Our neighbors bellow us in our last place smoked a lot, and it drifted up into our place. So, now we are having to wash or air out everything! When we get everything set up I will put up some pictures of where we live.

We would like to thank everyone again for helping us and supporting us with our Flapjack Fundraiser. We wished we could have been there, but it was good to talk to some people through Skype. We have such an amazing support group!

Our new address:

Povrazová 74
Košice 040 16

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3 Responses to First Weeks in Košice

  1. Jill Ward says:

    Glad you got moved in and are somewhat settled. It was great talking to you at the Flapjack Fundraiser. Let us know what kind of job Lenka got and what she will be doing. We pray for you each Wednesday morning! I will let the others there know how you are doing!!

  2. Jean Cann says:

    You are in my thoughts and prayers…as you settle in your new place….Jean Cann

  3. sophista says:

    What happened, you not actualized the blog since march… hope all is going well…

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