Before the Big Move

It has almost been a month since I last wrote a blog, and things have been getting busy here as our time in Hurbanovo comes to an end. It is hard to believe that it has been a year already!

This Saturday we will be having a flapjack fundraiser at Applebee’s in Rocky Mount. If you have not bought a ticket, please do! It will be a great time with awesome food. How can it be better? We might even make appearance through Skype! Hope to see you there! Here is a link for more information:

At the end of January, Lenka had the topic for youth group in DEPO. It was wonderful, and there were many kids who were there. She gave her testimony, and talked about Noah’s Ark, that the door is still open for us to go in, and choose Jesus as our Savior. We pray that those who were there will think about this more deeply, and that they will put their faith in Jesus.

During the beginning of February we made a trip to Košice, to get some things done, and while we were there Lenka had an interview for a job. She ended up getting the job, and will begin in March! She will be working with T-Systems. She is really excited, and is looking forward to start. We are thankful for prayers. With her work schedule, she will also have time for missions, so we are also grateful for that.

I am continuing to search for a job, in pretty much any field possible. I am even applying to be a sales person in a store, which I think would be great for me to learn Slovak faster! Please continue to pray for me, that I would be able to find something.

On February 9 we had our last official youth group. It was the last time that most of us could be together, since these last two weeks most of the youth are away, first weekend for a local conference, and then this weekend for the Slovak Baptist youth conference.

Last week was National Marriage Week here in Slovakia, as well as in other countries around the world. It was also the same week as Valentine’s Day, for obvious reasons. On Thursday, Friday, and Saturday we had a workshop in DEPO for people to come and learn about different aspects of marriage, and how to improve.

Since the marriage workshop met in DEPO, we had to cancel the club for that week. We felt bad for the kids, so we decided to watch a movie on Saturday, to have fun and relax a bit. We watched “October Baby”. It is a great movie, and if you have not seen it yet, then you should check it out. After the movie we hung out, and enjoyed some Kofola.

On Saturday we were able to meet with RADA, and talk about this past year, as well as why we would not continue after this year. It was a good time, and we were able to be open and honest about the good and bad things. A lot of what has happened was a result of miscommunication, and different expectations.

Last Sunday was the last time the youth would be there to hear me preach, so I thought it would be good to get them involved. One thing I am famous for here is asking for volunteers during my sermons. So, I thought why not end by getting the whole youth group to “volunteer” and help me sing the last song. It was great!

This last week here is really busy. Several people want to invite us for lunch, and we have some people coming over as well. We are also having one last youth in DEPO, which is tonight. It will be our last DEPO, and it will be hard to say goodbye. We are also going to both churches on Sunday.

Our year here in Hurbanovo and Nové Zámky has been good. We have met a lot of wonderful people, and have been blessed. I can still remember the first time we came to Hurbanovo, stepping off of the train, and thinking about what this next year would be like. I could never have imagined what would happen.

Through everything though, we knew that we always had people praying for us, and that was a great comfort. At times we were stretched and worn, but God never left us. Our challenges have made us stronger, and we have grown. We are very excited about the next chapter in our ministry. We know that God has great plans!

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One Response to Before the Big Move

  1. Fabiano says:

    I’m not a baptist, but I’m a loyal follower of this blog, and I’m sad to know your are leaving this region. If you want to visit Nitra someday, let me know… woud be a great pleasure to meet you. You faith is amazing! Endure to the end… you are in my prayers

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