First Advent Sunday

Well, it is December, and we have officially put up our Christmas decorations! Even some of our neighbors have lights on their balconies. Something about this time of year makes me feel like a kid, not that some don’t still think of me as a kid. Just seeing all of the lights and decorations puts a smile on my face. It has even snowed twice here in the last week!

I had my monthly pastors’ meeting last Tuesday, and it was nice to see them again. We finished up our marriage course, which has been really helpful and encouraging. We will start a new lesson on small groups in church, which will also help Lenka and me in our mission work. We also had our traditional meal at the Chinese restaurant, complete with an all you can eat buffet. This is a very rare thing in Slovakia!

On Wednesday we continued our family group in DEPO club. We had a few more kids show up this time, so that was encouraging. We hope that this week even more will come. We put up some posters at a local school as well, so more kids will know. Please continue to pray for that ministry.

On Friday we had a special topic in DEPO about abortion. There were a lot of kids there, which was great! We watched a short video, and after had a short talk. The video we watched is called 180 the movie, and if you have never seen it you should check it out. Last year in Slovakia there were almost 16,500 abortions, which is a lot for a country of 5.5 million. We talked about the value of human life, and how God has created each person unique and special, with a purpose.

On Sunday I again attempted to give my sermon in Slovak. It is tough, and takes a while to prepare, but I need to force myself to do this. This was the first Sunday in Advent, so I spoke about hope. One thing that is different about this church from what I am used to is that there are not a lot of Christmas decorations. We only have an advent wreath. So, I made a paper Christmas tree, and used it as an illustration in my sermon.

After the morning service in Hurbanovo we went to Nové Zámky. Cecil and Ruth, who have been here teaching English, are leaving this week, so we had a goodbye party for them. We had lunch, followed by afternoon church. There were a lot of people there, which shows how much they mean to the people here.

Today we woke up, and it was snowing outside. It was a great way to start the day! We had our monthly English lesson at school this morning. Our topic was Thanksgiving, how it began and how we celebrate it today. The students really got a kick out of our after meal nap! We also talked about the true meaning of Thanksgiving, which is that we are thankful to God. It was a great opportunity to share the Gospel, and I pray that they will think about it, and their personal relationship with Jesus.

We are still waiting for a new question to answer in our blog, so send one in if you have something to ask. It can be about anything!

Please continue to pray for our ministry, and that the hearts of the people here would be open to hearing the Gospel.

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