First Sermon in Slovak

This past week Lenka and I were back in Košice. Lenka had to get some school things done, and I had to see the doctor about my dizziness . I had a MRI done, and am waiting on the results. Hopefully everything will be alright, and it will not be anything serious. Besides all of the serious things we had to get done, we had a fun time in Košice. We even had a little “thanksgiving” meal. Lenka made a pumpkin pie, and we cooked turkey. It was not the same as being in the States, but it was nice to do a little something.

We were also able to spend some time with our nephew Max, who has really grown up. He is very active and creative. I was asking him what he had done the past week, and at first he said that he had forgotten, but then all of a sudden he started telling me this story of how he went to the woods, met some dragons and flying horses, and the characters from Narnia (Aslan, Edmond, Lucy, Peter, and Susan). I asked him where they were from, expecting him to say England, but he said Narnia. Then I asked him what language they spoke, and he said Czech. He always makes me laugh.

We came back on Thursday for English Hour in DEPO, and talked some about Thanksgiving, the reason for the holiday and what Americans typically do then. In our English Hour we have not really had a consistent group of kids that come every week, and we never know what to expect. Some days we have two kids who are just starting to learn, other times we have older ladies and kids, and then other times we have just older kids. So, it is hard to plan.

This past Friday we also had our youth meeting in DEPO. Before we had our topic, we had a contest in which three guys had to drink soda out of a sock, from one of the other guys. It was a little messy, and gross, but hilarious! The winner got a clean soda, and all the participants got a new pair of socks.

Peter Nagy, a guy from the youth group, had the topic. We watched a short video, which depicted people waiting in line to get to heaven. It showed people holding their “life files” and everything they had done. The basic message was that it does not matter how many times or how much you sin, or how many good things you do, only faith in Jesus can get you into heaven. Peter talked about this fact, that no one is good enough, and that we all need a Savior. He did a really good job, and I hope that the kids will think about what he said.

On Sunday I had a little surprise. I had my first sermon in Slovak. I had said before that I would have my first sermon on New Years, but I decided to try it a little bit earlier. It was simple and short, but I was pleased. I preached on reaching out to the community, to tell them about Jesus and what He did for them, being involved in missions, and inviting people to church. We as a church should not just sit in church and wait for people to come, we need to go to them.

As an illustration I had two chocolate eggs. I asked two guys from the youth to come to the front. I gave one of them the chocolate right away, and made the other one wait. The chocolate represented God’s love. I said that the first guy was someone who comes to church, and hears about God’s love. The other guy lives in the community, he does not know about God’s love, and I need to go and tell him about it.

I hope that this first sermon in Slovak is only a beginning, and that I will continue to preach in Slovak and improve. It is hard enough to preach in English, but thinking in a second language is very interesting!

This week Lenka has her English certification test on Saturday, so please be thinking of and praying for her. Also, please continue to pray for our mission here, that we would continue to follow the path that God has planned for us, and that we would have strength and courage.

We are still waiting for another question to answer on our blog so please send one in!

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2 Responses to First Sermon in Slovak

  1. Elizabeth Edwards says:

    Congratulations on your first Slovak sermon! It’s great to read about all that you are doing there. Thank you for the card and gifts for the youth group. I will share them on Sunday when we gather for our Christmas party. We miss you both and keep you in our prayers. Love from Lakeside!

  2. Theo and Molly Pitt says:

    Glad you are feelilng better. Your Mom says you think it may be allergies. Congrats on your first sermon. Happy Holidays.

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