New Missions in Hurbanovo

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It is hard to believe that it is already November! Time has been flying by! Christmas decorations are already in the stores, and Christmas commercials are on tv. Even in Slovakia you can’t escape the two month long season of Christmas.

In DEPO club a week ago on Friday we had a special presentation by ACET. ACET is a Christian organization, and someone from the Apolostic Church in Nové Zámky came to lead the discussion. The topic was about sex, AIDS, and relationships. To give a brief summary, it was about the myths and rumors about AIDS, how it is spread and the cause, as well as myths about sex as we see in popular culture. We also talked about relationships from a Christian perspective, that they are a gift from God, and not something that is to be put on a trial run or just to check to make sure it is a “perfect match”.

The guy who was leading the topic was very good. I think that he was able to relate to the kids, and keep the topic entertaining. He also gave his testimony, how God has changed him, which was very powerful and encouraging. I pray that those who were there will think about this, and make good choices, especially when faced with peer pressure.

We are also starting two new ministries, and we are very excited! The first one is a family oriented time in DEPO, mainly for parents with young children. Each Wednesday we will have a few hours to just have fun and enjoy family. Depending on the week we will have games, crafts, food, a topic, or a movie. Our first one will be this week, and we hope that a few families will already come.

Another ministry that we are also starting in DEPO is crafts for women. A lady in the church is leading this ministry, and Lenka is helping organize. Last week was the first meeting, but unfortunately we did not have anyone show up. We had given letters to the kids to take home to their moms, but after asking a few of them they said they had forgotten. Hopefully this week more moms will have heard!

With these new ministry opportunities, we hope that they will grow and thrive here in Hurbanovo, even after we leave. Last Sunday we asked members of the congregation to volunteer and serve as often as they could. I encouraged them to invite their friends and family, and to spread the love of Christ not just in the church, but also to the entire community!

One concern that we also have is about my health. Lately I have been having a dizzy feeling, which lasts for a few hours or so, and does not seem to have an explanation. We went to Košice to see a doctor, and we will be returning soon for some more tests. Please keep me in your prayers.

Also, please pray for these new ministries, that they will be a wonderful place of fellowship, and that we will be able to share the love of Christ to the entire community through them. Please also pray that people from our church will feel led to volunteer and become involved in these missions.

We did not receive a question to answer for this blog this past week, so please don’t hesitate to send in one for the next blog!

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2 Responses to New Missions in Hurbanovo

  1. Jill Ward says:

    Hi Robert! Here’s a question for you! We are all getting ready for Thanksgiving here. Is there a similar holiday at some time during the year in Slovakia?

  2. Jill Ward says:

    You will be in our prayers as you go through the medical tests. Keep us informed!!

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