Slovak Baptist Union Conference

Since the decision by the Union to end Lenka’s internship, things have still stayed the same. Lenka has continued to serve, and be a part of the missions she was a part of before. I am proud to have such a strong wife, who is able to do this.

We have also started a new program in DEPO called English Hour, which is on Thursday. We meet in the back of the club and have a short “lesson”. It is very informal, and mostly conversational. The first week went well, and everyone seemed to enjoy it.

The weather has stated to turn cool now, and we are starting to take out our winter clothes. I love cold weather, so I am excited about my first Slovak winter! I have heard that in the southern part of Slovakia there is not a lot of snow, but I hope that we will get at least a few good snows. It will still be very cold though, usually around freezing.

This past weekend I attended the elders conference for the Slovak Baptist Union. All of the churches had representatives there based on how many members are in each church. The meeting was held in Komárno, which is about 15 minutes south of here. It started at 10am and lasted until around 6pm. We discussed important issues, possible changes to some rules, and the budget.

Some of the changes discussed involve the internship position with the Baptist Union. They would be to add rules stating that a person has a call from God, been in the Baptist Union for three years, been born again for 7 years, to take a personality test, promise not to attend school either daily or part time, not to work in another part time job, and to give priority to people who have had a “secular” job for at least two years.

All of these changes will be voted on by the member churches, and the representatives will again meet to decide if the changes will happen. I personally do not hope that these rule changes will take place, since I see them leading the Union in the wrong direction.

This past Sunday was Thanksgiving for a local church. Most Slovak churches pick a Sunday to thank God for the harvest. We met with the Apostolic Church in Nesvady, which is a village near Hurbanovo. We had a morning service, followed by lunch and fellowship. Lenka and I were also able to play in the worship band. We had a great time!

Please continue to pray for us, that God would continue to give us strength for our mission, and that He would lead us to where we will serve next year.

We would also like to know what you want to know about Slovak life. We would like to have a special topic in some of our blogs, so let us know if there is something you would like to learn about. Topics cold be food, transportation, weather, etc. just send us an email and we will put it in our next blog!

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1 Response to Slovak Baptist Union Conference

  1. Ester Staroň says:

    I can not agree more how you feel things in our Union. I pray and hope God will lead most of our churches in their decision about proposal changes. Ester Staroňová

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