Prayer Concern-Please Pray!

Most people have never heard my story of why I do missions. Yes, I have told one part of the story, that my trip to Slovakia inspired me, but even that is not enough. In the end the true story of why I am here in Slovakia now only began after I came back.

God, of course, is the true reason I am in missions. He called me, and He is the only one who can truly call people. No matter what any missions board says, or what church sends you, or what any pastor tells you to do, there is only one who is behind everything. That is God.

I say this because there is also another source of inspiration for me in my missions. It is Lenka. After I came back from Slovakia I knew that I was called, but I was still caught up in my past life, enjoying living for myself instead of God. But even as I continued to drown in my own selfish ways, Lenka believed in me.

I remember one night when I was talking to Lenka, she sent me a video of a sermon by Paul Washer called “The Shocking Youth Message”. In short the video called into question the real depth of our faith, and how much Christians today look like the world. I remember I could barely finish watching the video I was so mad. How could he judge people like that? It stuck with me though, and I kept thinking about it. Later I realized that I was so mad because he was talking about me. I was not mad at him, I was mad at myself.

I honestly believe that God placed Lenka in my life for a reason. She has always been there for me, to encourage me, and to pick me up. One thing that she is not, though, is an assistant. Just because she is a woman does not mean that she is just here to watch over the kids and bake a good cake now and then. She is my equal, and God uses her just as much as He uses me.

This weekend Lenka and I will be going to a conference for pastors and their families. We have been looking forward to this for a while, since it will be a good time of fellowship with other pastors and their wives.

This would be a wonderful weekend, except for the fact that after the weekend is over, Lenka may not be working for the Slovak Baptist Union anymore, because she wants to go to school. She has been accepted into a program that allows her to study from home, so that it would not interfere with her internship.

There is a rule that interns may not go to school or work another part-time job. Lenka wants to go to school to finish her degree, which of course I and many others have encouraged her to do.

So, this weekend the main group of the Union will come together and vote to see if they will let Lenka continue. It is my hope that you will pray for us in this time, that God would open the hearts of the people voting, and that Lenka would be able to continue to serve God.

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9 Responses to Prayer Concern-Please Pray!

  1. Sheila Martin says:

    We are praying for you. We are so proud of who you are and what you are doing to make a difference in people’s lives. God bless you and Lenka.

  2. Jill Ward says:

    We say a prayer for you and Lenka every Wednesday morning at the Lakeside prayer service. We know things will work out for you!

  3. Theo and Molly Pitt says:

    Molly and I keep you in our prayers. We will pray for the Union to see the wisdom in her continuing her education while continuing to serve. Keep the faith. Our best to you and Lenka.

  4. Hope Reese and John Farmer says:

    I trust that God’s hand will be in the outcome, whatever it may be, and that he will continue to be with you and Lenka as you serve. We continue to pray for you and know that God will bless you as your ministry blesses others.

  5. Jean Cann says:

    You have a place in my thoughts and prayers each day and now, in particular, for this request that Lenka can continue! Jean Cann

  6. Susan Skinner says:

    Your devotion to each other and to your mission work there is inspiring! I will continue to keep you both in my prayers. We love you! Susan Skinner

  7. Michelle Noyes says:

    Dear Robert and Lenka, we pray for you daily…but especially during this time of “waiting” that God will continue to shower you both with His love and wisdom and that all things will work out for you both!
    Psalm 31:24, “Be strong and let your heart take courage, all you who hope in the LORD.”
    Psalm 71:5, “For You are my hope; O Lord GOD, You are my confidence from my youth.”

  8. Beautifully said, Robert. I will pray, knowing that God reigns supreme. We can rest in the knowledge that He alone controls the outcome of what is decided. Love and miss you guys!

  9. Ann Winstead says:

    Love and prayers to you both! Remember, God is in control.

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