Summer Vacation 2012

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After a summer filled with camps and other mission work, Lenka and I were finally able to take a break and relax for a bit. We were both really tired and worn out from always running around.

The first weekend of our break Lenka had her family reunion. Her parents came to Hurbanovo, stayed a few days, and then we went to the Tatras. The last time that I had been to a reunion Lenka and I were dating, and on that day (July 4th) I asked Lenka to marry me! However, this time there were no new announcements!

Lenka’s aunt has a cottage in the mountains where Lenka’s family meets every year. She also rents out the rooms for people visiting the area. Lenka and I wanted to stay after, so we got a room for a week.

We had a great time seeing family that we had not see in a while. On Saturday they cooked a huge pot of gulaš, and we just hung out and talked. For me, Lenka has a huge family, and it seemed like there were a lot of people there (35). Apparently, according to Lenka, there were not as many as usual.

The next week was full of relaxation and fun. In Hurbanovo it is hot, I mean really hot. However, in the Tatras we had fresh air and cool weather. We visited some things around the cottage. One day we went to a historical Slovak village. Some people still live there! We also went to a water park for a day. We had a free pass for one person, so it was a great deal!

The week after we went to Košice. It was nice to be in the city again, to be able to get things done finally, especially go to the doctor. We even went to see MFK Košice play (City soccer team)!

Our little nephew Max wanted to have a party during the week, so on Friday we invited some family over and grilled out. I made American steaks, I say American because they don’t eat steaks over here like we do in the States, and pretty much any piece of meat is a steak. When I was about to cook them I asked how they wanted it cooked, they all gave me weird looks when I asked if they wanted some pink. They thought it was interesting that we don’t cook it all the way.

Now we are back in Hurbanovo. School started today for kids, and the weather is starting to get a little cooler (Well, it is not cool, just cooler). We have been in Hurbanovo for just a little bit over 6 months now, so halfway through out time here. We are looking forward to the next 6 months!

*Important Note*

We have not received any postcards for our contest, so please send them in. We want to stay connected, and have these fun contests so that we can send you something from Slovakia! We also want to do something cool with the cards, so even if you think you are not first we want to hear from you!

Novozámocká 106/7

947 01 Hurbanovo


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