Summer Missions!

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It has been a while since I have written the last blog. These past months have been crazy, filled with many things to do. I made a joke last Sunday in church that I am always telling them about something we did the last week, and that at least they would know that we are not bored! We are definitely not bored!!

After I wrote the last blog we began getting ready for the English camp in Nové Zámky. We had two open gyms where kids could come play basketball with us, and hear about the camp, and we also set up a lemonade stand in the main square, and handed out fliers. It was a lot of fun, and it did not hurt that we made brownies!

I also went on a pastor’s trip with my group that I meet with each month. It was our last meeting for the year, until we meet again in September. During the weekend we took a day trip to Trenčin, and toured the castle there. It was nice to relax for a bit before the rest of the summer activities.

Soon after the pastor’s trip we had the youth trip for Hurbanovo, in the first week of July. We went to a village near the High Tatras. It was so beautiful there! Our theme for the camp was Creation, and why and how we are here. We had some discussions and watched some videos about how our planet works. We also played a lot of games (Ice breakers, relay, and sports), even during the middle of the night! One day we went on a hike, for about 8 hours, to one of the Low Tatra mountains. It was a lof of fun, but when I got back I had a very high temperature, around 103. I was sick for the rest of the camp. When I saw a doctor I found out that I had bronchitis when I went hiking, and that it made it worse!

On the way home from the camp I was not feeling well, so we ended up going to Košice, which was only two hours away, instead of seven hours back to Hurbanovo. I was able to rest and recover before coming back home to preach.

After that we had two weeks of English camp in Nové Zámky. Instead of going back and forth each day, we decided to stay there, and we were able to stay in a house with another missionary who is house-sitting for another missionary family! The first week of camp was with youth. We had English class in the morning, and then games in the afternoon. We even had a water day! The second week was kids, and we had the same format, except we did it more like a VBS. A team from Texas came to help us out, which was a huge blessing! We had a ton of fun, and so did the kids!

Also, during the two weeks, a couple from our church got married. In Slovakia it is a little different than in the US. There is a ceremony followed by a reception, and then after that there is a dinner for close friends and family (Which can last until 4am). At the dinner they play games, eat, show pictures, and just have a lot of fun! It was my first Slovak wedding (Besides my own), and it was amazing! Lenka and I had to eat an apple without using our hands!

This past week Lenka and I went to Campfest, which is a Christian music festival. Bands from all over come, as well as speakers. It lasts for four days, and people camp out. We did not camp out, but were able to stay with Lenka’s family near the festival. Each day there were concerts, special discussion topics., and worship. All denominations were welcome to come, and this made it even more special. I found it interesting to see all the different ways in which people worshiped the same God, whether it was by dancing, sitting and praying, lifting hands, or just standing and singing.

Now that we have made it through the summer, we are about to have a vacation. Lenka has her family renunion this weekend in the Tatras, and we will be staying there for about a week, then going to Košice for a few days. We are looking forward to see our family, and also relax.

Please continue to pray for us as we become more involved in missions and minsitres as part of our internship, that God would give us strength and wisdom, and that it would be for His glory.

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2 Responses to Summer Missions!

  1. Jean Cann says:

    Your blogs are always so interesting. I can just imagine what a great time you are having sharing with others about God’s love. Jean Cann

  2. Dano says:

    Thank you for the summary of your summer. It looks that you have experienced a lot. However the summer has not ended yet and I’m looking forward to see you again in Kosice.

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