Mission Workers Conference and 3 Sermons

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This past week has been a huge blessing ministry wise for Lenka and me.  On Monday we went to Nové Zámky and we were able to do some “street minsitry“.  This type of ministry involves developing relationships so that we can share the Gospel.  We are being taught that we can begin a relationship through all interactions we have during the day.  For instance, Pál is building a house, and he can use his interactions with the builders to witness to them.  I like this form of evangelism because there is a long term aspect to it.  It is also very easy, since you do not need to go out of your way to “find“ someone to talk to.  I look forward to learning more about this type of evangelism.

On Wednesday I had my monthly pastor’s meeting for the Southern part of Slovakia.  It has been such a blessing for me to be able to go and share what has been going on in our ministry here, as well as hear about what is going on in other ministries in Slovakia.  During this meeting we also have a topic, which has been marriage.  We talk about how we can make our own marriages stronger, as well as help couples in our churches.  It has been very challenging for me to think about what I am doing wrong, and how I need to depend more on God to lead me.

After the pastor’s meeting we met to continue planning for the summer camp.  We were able to come up with a theme, and started to get a rough idea of how we wanted to organize the camp.  However, we are still waiting to see how many volunteers we will have from the States.  We are also beginning to think how we can get kids involved and interested in the camp.  It is important that we begin forming relationships now so that by the summer we will have a strong foundation.

I mentioned in the last post that we would be having a conference for the mission workers of Slovakia.  We left on Friday afternoon, along with Pál and Michelle, and headed towards the Tatras.  The Baptist Union in Slovakia owns a large cottage in the mountains, so they use that for retreats and conferences.  It is so beautiful there.  As you look out from the cottage you see the Tatra mountains, which were still covered by snow.  Slovakia is such a beautiful country, especially in this region.

The conference lasted only until lunch the next day, but it was a nice time to relax and hear what was going on in Slovakia.  The main topic of the conference was about revival, and how to begin a revival in Slovakia.  We also shared our stories about how God was working in our minsitries.  At the end of the conference we decided that we would pray every day for revial to come to Slovakia.  We wanted to pray at the same time, so we decided that 12pm would be a good time.  I hope that we can start something, and that all Christians will join together in this effort.  I hope that you will feel led to pray as well.

During lunch on the last day of the conference we were all looking out of the windows onto our amazing view of the Tatras.  At that time a herd of sheep was also grazing in the field below the cabin.  On person commented that this was a great life, what else could you want?  It also reminded me of how Jesus is the shepherd, and that we are the sheep.  This is a powerful image, but I think that sometimes it is hard to imagine ourselves as wandering sheep.  When I saw the sheep on the field without a shepherd, it reminded me of how we are, wandering in the world without Jesus.  We are lost without Him.  We need to listen for His voice, and follow Him.

After we arrived back at home on Saturday I had to prepare for Sunday, since I was preaching, not just once, but three times.  I had the morning service in Hurbanovo, then two services in Nové Zámky, one in Hungarian and the last in Slovak.  I used the same sermon for all of the services, but for each one I needed a different approach, depending on who would be hearing the sermon.

The topic that I chose for the sermon was the Holy Spirit, and how we must rely on the Holy Spirit.  When we are born again, the Holy Spirit enters us and changes us so that we are a new creation.  As Christians we need to rely on the Holy Spirit to teach us and guide us, so that all that we do is for the glory of God.

As Baptists, I think we often stay away from talking about the Holy Spirit.  I think that it is because we are unsure of the works of the Holy Spirit, such as tongues or charismatic worship.  Because of that, I chose this topic so that I could study and learn more about it myself.  I hope that I will begin to let the Holy Spirit lead me more in my life, as well as my worship, so that I would be honest and open before God.

As I have been preaching more often here in Slovakia I have started to rely more on the Holy Spirit to lead me.  I used to write out my sermons word for word, but recently I have been only putting key words or phrases, so that when I preach I would be more open to letting the Spirit direct my words.  I have enjoyed preaching this way, but I am still learning and growing every time that I preach.

This next weekend Lenka and I will be going to another conference, this time to Romania.  It will be the first time for both of us in Romania, so we are very excited.  The conference is about Preccept Ministries, which Darko is the head of in Slovakia.  People from all over Europe, and even the US will be attending.  We look forward to learning and studying.

We hope that everyone who reads this is doing well.  We wish we could be able to see everyone that is supporting us!  We are very thankful for all of your prayers, and we can see the fruit here in Slovakia.  Please continue to pray for us here, that through the street missions we will learn to be open and willing to preach the Gospel to all men and women.  Also, please pray that the ministires here would continue to draw in new people, that their hearts would be opened.

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