New Apartment!

The last time that I wrote a blog, Lenka and I were having a bit of a problem with our house.  If you can remember we were infested with fleas, and had to move out of our house rather quickly.  However, we were blessed enough to have a place to stay during that time.

Since we left our house, we began the search for a new place to stay.  We wanted to look at apartments, so we asked the pastor for help.  Within a few days he had found two.  So, we set out one day to look at both.  The first one we looked at was pretty bad, ok, it was really bad.  I said it looked like Stalin would pop out at any moment, aka, it was OLD.  After that experience we were really worried that all of the places here would be this way.  The next place that we looked at was very nice, which was a relief for us.  Most of the apartment was updated, clean, and looked like it had been taken care of.  At the time we were not sure of the price, and we were worried that it would be too expensive.  So, we waited to hear back from the owners.

The owners got back to us, and we found out that it was actually less than the first place we looked at.  We knew this is where God was leading us, and we accepted the offer!  The apartment is in a great location, near the main grocery store, and closer to the train station.  The neighbors on our floor are also from church, which is really nice.  They have already invited us over for lunch.

During this time of transition it was hard to focus on our ministry here, but we are so thankful to God that He brought us through it, and we feel so blessed.  Often during struggles we forget to see the big picture, and only focus on the work that is right in front of us.  However, it is also important to look up, and see where God is leading.

During the process of moving all of our things from one place to another, we had a great amount of support from the church and family.  Since we had to get our place sprayed for fleas, all of our stuff was covered with the “smoke” that they used.  We had to wipe EVERYTHING, and then pack it up to move.  We had some friends from church come and help us with that, and we had a good time.

Also, Lenka’s parents came down to help us pack and move things into our new place.  They borrowed a truck from a friend, and carried some furniture as well since we did not have any yet.  Another blessing was that a group of women from the church here went to our apartment before we moved in and cleaned it, so it would be ready for us.

We are now moved in, just trying to get everything organized and set up the way that we would like it.  It is nice to have our own place again.  Hopefully we will put up pictures soon.

While that was going on we were still involved in ministry here in Hurbanovo and Nové Zámky. As I said before it was a little bit difficult to concentrate on our ministry, but this is what happens sometimes.  The devil often places obstacles before us to make us stumble, but we need to toss these things aside.

Lenka led the youth group in Nové Zámky.  Her lesson was on temptation, focusing on the 40 days that Jesus spent in the desert.  She taught that while Jesus was able to resist temptation, we are sinful and not able to say no all of the time, and that is why we need Jesus as our Savior.

We also made a presentation for the DEPO club and youth group about the upcomming Hope Festival with Franklin Graham.  In the DEPO club we focused on getting kids excited about the festival, that they would want to come.  In the youth group we focused on preparing the youth to be there with the DEPO kids, that they could answer any questions and talk about faith in Jesus.

We have also been planning ahead for a two week English summer camp.  A team from Texas is planning to come and help us teach English, and have afternoon activities like sports and crafts.  Right now we are trying to find ways to get kids interested in coming.  Please pray that everything will work out, and that God will help us reach the kids who need to hear His Word the most.

Next weekend Lenka and I have a conference in the Tatras for the mission workers of Slovakia.  Then the weekend after that we are going to Romania for another conference.  We are very excited about both of these trips, and the ways in which God will use it to help us grow and learn, as well as fellowship.

The weather here has been getting warmer and warmer (60’s).  Today is an especially nice day, which is awesome since we have a hokejbal (Like hockey, but without ice) match today at the DEPO club.  Hurbanovo is actually the warmenst part of Slovakia!  It is also nice that it is getting warmer because now it is “culturally acceptable“ to eat ice-cream.  There is a really good place here in Hurbanovo that is right down the street!

Please continue to pray for us that God will continue to guide and lead us here in our minsitry, that we will be a blessing to the church and community.  Please pray for the upcoming events such as the Hope Festival and the summer camp, so that God would help us prepare a way for the Holy Spirit.  Also, that we will have safe trips to our conferences.

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4 Responses to New Apartment!

  1. zuzi hanyus says:

    hahaha, love the “culturally acceptable” ice cream comment!! 😀 that’s EXACTLY how it works in slovakia 😀

    also, thank you for all this encouraging news!! it’s wonderful to see God at work!

  2. Jean Cann says:

    Robert and Lenka, it is so good to hear from you….your blogs are most interesting….Robert, I still remember very well when you came with your parents and Catherine to visit at our Mountain cabin “Idlewood” and you were carried away with my old pump organ! I think you were 8 years old!

    God bless you in your work there….Blessings to you, Jean Cann

    P.S your dad was in the 8th grade when we moved to First Baptist Chester in 1971! All of your family including grandparents, aunts and uncles have a special place in my memories of our time in Chester. It will be 10 years in July that your dad did the homily for John’s memorial service here at First Pres. in Laurens.

  3. Rose Ann Brown says:

    Hi Robert and Lenda, I have enjoyed your interesting blogs so much. Glad you got moved from all the fleas and will enjoy your new place. Sounds like it is in a good location,Ice Cream Shop being close. I look forward to hearing about the Hope Festival and summer camps. You will continue to be in my prayers , that God will guide you in the wonderful mission work you are doing and keep you safely through all the trips you have to attend.

    My love to both,

    Rose Ann

  4. Dano says:

    Hi Family, thank you for the update on how you’re doing and how’s life in Hurbanovo going on. I hope we’ll see us soon on skype. I wish you a blessed time on all the conferences. 😉

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