Trip to Košice and Slovak Easter

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It has been a while since I last wrote a blog, well maybe not too long depending on how much you enjoy reading my blog.  Hopefully you have been able to find something interesting that I have written.

Lenka’s parents were able to come the week before.  They came to see us, but to also help bring us some things we had left in Košice.  They came with a car full of food, apparently we are starving here in Hurbanovo.  However, I will not complain, because they brought a lot of homemade foods, which are always good.

On Saturday I had the topic for the youth group.  It was the first time that I had to plan out something.  I had been searching for a topic to speak about, but nothing was really working.  I was praying about it that God would help me find a good topic, and one day while watching a video it came to me that I should talk about demons.  I have had a few experiences before, and I thought it would be a very interesting topic that would get a lot of discussion.  So, on Saturday I, with the wonderful help of Lenka, talked about demons and their presence.  I believe that it went well, and that God helped me with this.

On Sunday, which was also Palm Sunday, Lenka had the children’s lesson.  Here in Hurbanovo the children’s lesson takes place during the worship service, so it can last up to two hours.  Lenka loves kids, so this was no problem for her.  She had fun telling Bible stories, singing, and making crafts.  There are around five kids that come each Sunday, so it is a good group.

While this was going on I was listening closely to the sermon, without a translator.  Lenka does not usually translate for me, but I sometimes will ask her what a word means, or ask what is going on when everyone is laughing!  This time however, I was alone.  It was a struggle for me, and I kept hearing this one word, “súd”.  So, I gave myself a goal, that by the end of the sermon I would find out the meaning of this word.  I listened closely, and finally, I figured it out!  It means judgment!

Sunday afternoon we went back to Košice with Lenka’s parents.  We had a few things to do there, such as doctor’s appointments and picking up some documents.  It was nice to be back in “the city”, but I did miss being here in Hurbanovo.  Maybe I am a village person after all.

While there we had a lot of fun visiting family and friends.  We also found a surprise for me.  I had to leave my guitar back home because it would be too much of a problem to bring it here, so I was satisfied that I would maybe be able to buy one in a few years.  One day we were walking downtown and we saw a music shop, so we decided to look inside, just to compare prices.  At first I was looking at the name brand guitars, which were expensive, but one of the workers came over and offered to help me.  He suggested that I look at the non name brand guitars that they make for the store.  So, I picked one up and played it.  It was such an amazing sound, very deep, and maybe even better than the other guitars.  He said that he thought they were a better quality too, and for a lot better price. Being the person that I am, I had to think about it for a day.  The next day I did come back and bought it, so we now have a new member of the family.  No name yet.

After a good visit we had to come back to Hurbanovo.  We left on Wednesday morning, and the train was packed.  It was the week of Easter so a lot of people were going home to see family.  On the way back though, the engine of the train broke down, and we had to wait for a new one.  It was not too bad, we only had to wait for 40 minutes.

So, here we were back in Hurbanovo for the week of Easter.  Easter in Slovakia is a bit different than it is in the United States.  People are off on Good Friday, Saturday, Easter Sunday, and Monday.  On Thursday we had our usual DEPO club, and we showed them a video about the real meaning of Easter.  Just like in the United States, there is a problem here with the connection of Easter with the bunny, eggs, and the start of spring.

The Baptist church in Hurbanovo had a service on Good Friday, where we celebrated the Lord’s Supper.  The church here uses two cups for the wine, which is really wine and not grape juice.  You take the cup, take a sip, and pass it along.  It was very meaningful, and made me think back to when Jesus gave His disciples the bread and the wine.

On Sunday I had my first sermon in Slovakia, no pressure, just the main service on Easter.  Everything went well, and God gave me the courage that I needed.  The youth also had a program that Lenka and I took part in.  We sang a few songs, and some of the youth had speaking parts, telling the story of Easter.

After that we were invited over for a time of fellowship with a family from the church.  We had a lot of fun listening to stories and looking at pictures.  It is such a blessing, especially around the holidays, that we have a place to go and spend time with people.  It would be a lot harder, especially for me, if we were alone.

On Monday there was morning church, and in the afternoon the youth met for some games and crafts.  The girls stayed inside and made hair flowers, and the guys were outside playing street hockey.  A friend and I were also able to play our guitars a bit.  Before we knew it, time had flown by and it was late!

While all of this was going on, Lenka and I had a slight problem at home.  Somehow our house has been infested by fleas.  We think, ok we are pretty sure, that it came from the previous renters who had cats and let them come in and out as they wish.  Even though the church cleaned everything, bought a new carpet, painted, and disinfected the floor, they still came.  So, we had to take a few things and stay with the lady next door.  The pest control person came today and sprayed everything, but did not guarantee that they would all be killed.  So, we need to make a decision if to stay, or to find a new place.

Please be praying for us that we will still be able to focus on our work here, even though we are going through a tough time.  Also that everything will be able to be solved without a lot of problems, and that God would lead us to the right decision.

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2 Responses to Trip to Košice and Slovak Easter

  1. Daniel says:

    Where the photos are ? 😀

  2. Danka says:

    thanks for sharing! looks like you experience something very interesting every day 🙂 it was good reading for me, saying hello to Lenka and praying for you two! 😉

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