Living in Hurbanovo!

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Lenka and I have finally made it to Hurbanovo!  After spending three weeks in Kosice with Lenka’s parents, trying to get all of our paperwork done we have finally arrived at our new home.  We hopped on the train and rode for around 7 hours to get here.  We traveled through a lot of beautiful places, including the Tatras, which were covered in snow.  We arrived in the afternoon, and the pastor of the church here picked us up at the train station and drove us to our house.

When we arrived at the house we were greeted by the owner who showed us inside our house, and then invited us for coffee.  Of course we could not refuse, especially since I was feeling a little tired, and coffee would be just the right thing to wake me up.

Later that night the pastor invited us over for dinner.  His wife made stuffed cabbage for us, which is one of my favorite Slovak dishes.  We had a wonderful time of fellowship.  It is such a comfort to know that no matter where we are in Slovakia, our Baptist family is always there with support and love.  We are looking forward to working together with Darko, and all of the members of the church.

Lenka’s parents drove from Kosice with all of the things that we could not bring with us on the train, so we met them after supper and unpacked everything.  Our house is still a work in progress, but it is looking better and better everyday, and soon we will have a nice home!

On Friday we worked around the house trying to get things ready.  In the afternoon we went to the DEPO club (A Youth mission club) for the first time.  We had a lot of fun meeting all of the youth and playing all different kinds of games with them.  There were 27 people there, which is very encouraging, especially since most of them were not from the Baptist church.

On Saturday we slept in and continued to work around here trying to get everything set up like we want it.  In the afternoon Lenka went to vote since Slovakia had elections this week.  After Lenka voted we took a walk to the local store to buy some things for the house.  We were able to see some more of the town, and the store is pretty close to the house, about 20 minutes by walk.  It is interesting to see the signs in both Slovak and Hungarian.

Today we had our first Sunday in BJB Hurbanovo (The local Baptist church).  The service begins at 9am, so we had an early start to the day!  The church welcomed us, and Lenka and I had to introduce ourselves.  I did part in Slovak, and the rest Lenka translated.  I am slowly learning and understanding more.  It is encouraging when I learn something new.  The service was very powerful, and everyone was very friendly and we feel right at home here in this church.

After the service we were invited to lunch by a family from the church.  They fixed us a huge lunch, rezen so syrom (Fried chicken filled with cheese), potatoes, baked chicken, rice, cucumber salad, and a mushroom sauce.  It was delicious!  I have yet to meet a Slovak food that I do not like!

We came home and rested a bit before we went back to church for the night service.  The night service on Sunday has more people, and it was explained to me that it is that way since this church had been a satellite church for about 60 years, and the pastor from the home church would preach here at night.  So, everyone is still used to coming at night, and not in the morning.  Maybe the most interesting thing about the service, maybe not for me, but for the people sitting around me, has been my attempt at singing in Slovak.  I already have enough trouble singing in English, but trying to sing in Slovak is another issue altogether.  Well, at least I can bring laughter into the church!

It is sometimes hard to believe that we are here in Slovakia.  I wake up in the morning and I feel such a joy in knowing that I am here serving God.  Realizing that this is my “job” makes me happy because this is something that I want to do.  I feel so blessed that God would trust me with this work here in Slovakia.

Please continue to pray that Lenka and I will be encouraged and strengthened in our service here.  Also, that I will continue to learn Slovak, and step out of my comfort zone to speak more Slovak, even when I may feel nervous.  We are also having a revival here this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, so please pray that the hearts of the people will be opened, and willing to hear the Gospel.

We hope that everyone is doing well at home.

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One Response to Living in Hurbanovo!

  1. Kathy Wright says:

    You have such a nice home! I am so thankful things are going well. I was thinking as I was reading about all the yummy food that you and Lenka will have to do the cooking when you come back to the states and introduce us to these great recipes! Blessings to you both!

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