Appointed in Slovakia!

Ever since I started this blog many months ago, Lenka and I have been searching and praying for God to lead us to serve in Slovakia.  After looking at several organizations and options, we decided to partner with the Slovak Baptist Union.  We contacted them and asked if it would be possible to serve with them as interns.  We then applied for the position, and prayed that God would let His will be done.  After many months of waiting and praying the Slovak Baptist Union has appointed us as interns!

The internship will last for a period of two years.  The first year we will be in the town of Hurbanovo, which is in the SouthWestern part of Slovakia near the Hungarian border.  We will be working with the local pastor and missionary.  We will have a second year if everything goes well in the first year, and the Baptist Union is pleased with our progress.

The Slovak Baptist Union will be providing us with a salary of half of a Slovak minimum wage, or around $250, each.  So combined we will be making about $500 dollars a month.  We will also be given housing, which is a huge blessing!  We will be fundraising the rest of our salary for the two years, which would be $12,000 in addition to what we will be receiving from the Baptist Union.

Lakeside Baptist Church, my home church, is our sending church.  They are helping us with fundraising, and will set up an account for us here to collect donations.  It has been a blessing to have such a caring church family to support us during this time, and we look forward to working together in the future.

As interns with the Slovak Baptist Union, Lenka and I will be working with the Baptist church in Hurbanovo, BJB Hurbanovo.  We will be working with children and youth in the area, and possibly teaching English and leading Bible studies.  There are many opportunities to serve, and Lenka and I are looking forward to the many ways we will serve God and the people of Slovakia.

One of the things that I will have to do as part of this internship is to learn the Slovak language.  Eventually I will need to be able to preach in Slovak!  I have been getting lessons from Lenka’s mom, as well as speaking with Lenka.  It is a difficult language to learn, so many prayers would be appreciated!!

Right now we are speaking to different churches and groups about what we will be doing in Slovakia, as well as trying to raise support.  We will be going back to the churches that I grew up in, First Baptist Church of Savannah and The Warrenton Baptist Church.  We are very excited about seeing everyone!

Lenka and I are also waiting on Lenka’s US citizenship.  Lenka has applied and sent in her last document, and now we are just waiting for an appointment for her interview and citizenship test.  Once Lenka becomes a citizen we will have 45 days to leave the country (Maybe February or March).

It is amazing to see how God has led us in this process.  Without Him we would never be able to do any of this, or be able to serve in Slovakia.  It has been a humbling experience, but one in which we have grown a lot.  We look forward to the amazing things that God will do in our lives.  Please continue to pray for us as we continue in our journey!

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